Of Travels and Dreams

“Only those with a strong heart can make their dreams come true…”

I remembered thinking about this 3 years ago when I decided that I am the only one who can make my dream birthday  come true. I was at a point in my life where I am so tired of waiting for people to make-up their mind and I am so tired of depending on other people for my happiness.

I made the decision of traveling alone and I never looked back since.

People asked me if I don’t get scared traveling on my own. The truth is, I do. There will always be that fear mingled with excitement. I am after all traveling on my own and going out of my comfort zone. Every trip is a risk but it is a risk I don’t mind taking. Three years ago I have decided that I cannot let my fear get in the way of my happiness.

This year, I am making another dream come true. This time I have my friends with me. Did I want to travel alone? Yes. Did I regret inviting them? No.

I love traveling alone but traveling with friends is also fun. It is less risky and having them around is great. I am very cautious in inviting people though. I travel to unwind and enjoy and if I am with someone I am not comfortable with or is giving me a hard time I can be really rude. Especially if the trip in question is my Birthday Trip.

This year, I am celebrating my birthday in Sagada, Mountain Province. It is located approximately 12hrs from Manila (by bus). They say it is a paradise nestled in the mountains of the Cordillera. A beautiful place full of enchanting views and teeming with possibilities of a great adventure. I very much want to see the hanging coffins, a UNESCO heritage site that contains ancient coffins “hanging” by the side of a cliff. If we have more time, I also want to see the mummies in Kabayan, also a town in Mt. Province which is hours away from Sagada. I hope we have enough time to see everything.

Well, actually I am celebrating my birthday in two places. Sagada and Baguio City, my favorite city in the country. Ah, I love Baguio so much I feel like I should live there and Sagada is a place I have always dreamed of visiting. So I guess it is only apt that I choose to go there.

The travel will be long, perhaps the longest I’ve ever had. I will get to see the place I’ve only dreamed of and though some people would take the time to dampen my spirits and try to discourage me, I choose to see the place myself and decide if it is all worth it.

After this, I am going back to solo travel. Planning this trip made me realize I am not cut-out for group traveling. Or at least planning for one. As much as I love my friends, planning this trip is so stressful for me.I just feel that failing them means failing myself. So I have to deliver, I want them to someday look back to this trip and think of it as a happy memory and not as a waste of their time and money.  I can never be happy in a group trip and the rest of my companions are grumpy and unhappy.

I am really excited. I want the days to move faster and the new year to come. I want to be there and enjoy. I have a long list of places I am going to in 2015. I know I will need to work extra hard for this but it will be so worth it.