So, what is love? 💘

​I would never claim to be an expert on matters of emotions. Hell, a lot of people think I lack one. Some even thinks I simply lack the capability to fall in love. Of course it’s not true but people will believe what they want to believe. So, I just let them. Matters of the […]

​When I Die 😍😙

Some people think it is bad to talk about your death. Some think it’s weird and morbid. I think it’s necessary (and fun). I guess I owe everyone an explanation on this. You have to understand how I see death to really get where I am coming from. I have no qualms talking about my eventual […]

Look Here: 👇

Don’t be stupid. Just because you aren’t in a relationship right now doesn’t mean that nobody loves you. You may not have the kind of love romance novels are made of but you have people who loves you with the best kind of love you can ever find.  For a moment, think about all the […]