A Watty Obsession

Reading is not a hobby. It is an addiction, an obsession that I can’t escape.

I came across Wattpad five years ago by accident. I didn’t really paid much attention to it until recently. Probably because I was unlucky enough to stumble into half-baked stories, obviously plagiarized novels or fanfictions I can’t really relate to. I thought that was all there is to it.

Few months ago, I was on a long bus ride and couldn’t think of anything better to do. I randomly opened apps and came across Wattpad. I listlessly browse through the novels and found some that are quite promising. I started reading and I was hooked. Now every spare time I have is spent reading novels and waiting for installments for the ones that are unfinished. I am amazed really. I hope these writers all find literary agents and their works are published in print. They are amazing!

Here are some works I really enjoyed/enjoying:

1. Last of the Firedrakes by Farah Oomerbhoy.

The story of a 16 year old orphan who suddenly found out she has powers and a princess from another world. She must learn to master her powers and defeat her aunt who’s bent on killing her.


It’s not a complete book yet but it is a good one.

2. Araminta by Lavender Brooke.

The story of a rebellious princess who was assigned to complete a Merit Quest to prove herself worthy to become a wife of a man she hasn’t met and a future queen to her people.


3. Ennara by Angela Myron.

The story of an 11 year old girl with magical powers that can save her world from shadow demons.


4. Initio Sea and Sky by JV Zafra. This is the novel that made me appreciate Wattpad. It is a story of Senna Heart, an angel who walked this earth and must now save it.


5. Annie Moon by Melanie Abed. A young girl who never suspected that she is special. She traveled to a world where elementals are real, a world where a few wants her, so she can save her best friend.


This is a complete novel too and is very very good. I love this one and I am definetly buying this book.

6. The Priestess and The Dragon by Nicolette Andrews. Set in ancient Japan, this is the story of Suzume, a princess sent to the mountains to become a priestess against her will and promptly woke up a slumbering dragon on her first day.


7. Death and Magic by Steven Pemberton. Adramal is a wizard in training and a healer. She was sent to Kyturil, a wizard training school in the city of Kyer Altamar to finish her apprenticeship but by some twist of fate, found herself becoming a spy.


8. Summoner Origins by Taran Matharu. The story of Arcturus, the stable boy who is forced to steal to escape a life of abuse and found himself accidentally summoning a demon amd change everyone’s life forever.


I have read more books from Wattpad and I’ll share the others soon. These are the ones that really stand out for me though.

Do you have Wattpad stories that you like? Please do share them in the comments. I am always in the lookout for new stories to read. I especially love fantasy and adventure stories! Please do share if you know any good ones I might like. Thanks!

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Of Childhood and Memories of A Different World

I grew up in a world far different from most kids today. Back in the age when internet is unheard of and computers games are for the rich kids, I spent my childhood climbing trees, crawling in the mud and running around with my playmates. Back then, our imagination is more than enough to get us out of boredom.

More than the games and fun, the thing I loved most while growing up was climbing my grandparents’ shelves and grabbing a book or two. I grew up in a family of bookworms and for as long as I can remember, we never ran out of books to read.

I grew up with Babar and his Royal family of elephants; spent rainy afternoons with the Cat in the Hat; went to a picnic with Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear when the Bear Family went on a picnic; journeyed with Alice in Wonderland and escaped with Peter Rabbit. Growing up, I spent hours reading the Reader’s Digest and was left amazed by the wonderful world of the National Geographic Magazines. Those days were heaven.

Pirated from FB. How ironic.

Growing up, books were my bestfriend. Books are magic. It makes you forget your sadness, teaches you so many things and transports you into a world where everything is possible. It opens your mind to possibilities; a world of ideas and thoughts that is as rich as your mind can handle.

Whenever I see kids today spending more time playing on their gadgets, I feel sad. They are technologically advanced but will they ever see the beauty of the written word?

I know e-books are a thing now but, there is a different kind of satisfaction and happiness that only a physical book can bring. That sense of excitement as you turn the pages. The smell of a newly opened book. The dog-ears and the creases you try so hard to avoid but couldn’t. The joy of actually holding one in your hand.

I wish I have enough words to describe how much happiness a book gives me. I wish I can describe the excitement I get when I have a new one and I couldn’t wait to get home so I can curl in my special corner and jump into this new world I have in my hands.

I dread a future where everything is digital but more than that, I dread a world where no one reads. I am not against technology, in fact I am thankful that with this technology we now have the capacity to access data almost anywhere, anytime. But when I see little kids spending more time playing with their gadgets instead of interacting with other kids or picking up a book to read, I feel sad.

Playmates and books teaches us a lot of things. Our childhood games may seem absurd but they helped as become better individuals. Fairytales may be oldschool but they encouraged us to imagine. Books may seem boring and a hassle to carry but inside it is a world far bigger and brighter than anything you can ever imagine.

I grew up in a different world. A world where elves and dragons are real, where love is magic and where being different is normal. I grew up in a world where fairies are either good or bad, where things are not always what they seem.

It was a colorful world of talking animals and vengeful celestial beings. It was a world of mystery, adventure, love and friendship. It is a world that only a lover of books can enter. It is a world exclusive to those who are not afraid to use their imagination. It is for those who are willing to discover a world different from ours. It is for those who believe in the power of the written word. It is for everyone but only if you are willing.

I grew up in a different world. But I am not alone.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*