All good things must come to an end.

What makes vacations sweeter is the fact that you don’t get to do it every day so you learn to savor every single moment.

We all need a downtime. We all need a time to recharge and recalibrate ourselves. We need time to get away from stress and enjoy life.

The last few days have been awesome. Haven’t been able to go on RnR for some months now and I was dying to get out of the city. It was refreshing to walk along unfamiliar streets and see unfamiliar sights. It is exciting to see places you have been dreaming of for months. Most of all, it was great to roam around the streets of Baguio again on my own. How I midd this place.

I am lucky to be working for a company that values work and life balance. I am lucky that as long as my leave is approve, I can go. I don’t have to beg for a vacation leave. I know for a fact that not everyone working in this industry is as lucky as I am.

Now, vacation is almost over. Reality is calling. I still want to extend my stay but I should be happy with the time given to me and the opportunity to see what my country has to offer. I’m just glad I have a job that can pay for my wanderlust. Yeah, I feel blessed.


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