Dear Self: #4

You were not born in this world just to work and worry. When life starts to become toxic, go out and have some fun. Do what makes you happy. Live life in a way that when Death comes knocking at your doorstep, you welcome him with open arms and having lived to the fullest, you are now ready to embark with Death on a new adventure. 

Take a risk. Go on an adventure. You were born to see the beauty of this world.


Dear Self: #1

People will not always understand where you are coming from. Don’t take that against them. Keep an open mind. Remember that each person looks at the world differently. Do not take their experiences lightly because it may look like nothing to you but it is the world to them. Do not ever think that your pain is greater than theirs. You will never know how they really feel. 

Do not be indifferent to their pain even when they are indifferent to yours.