Life lessons: Of Reaching Summits, Hiking and True Love

If you are going to ask me why I love hiking, I will not be able to answer. I honestly don’t know. It is not the most comfortable activity in the world and yet here I am pining for it like a lover. It is exhausting, uncomfortable, risky, and way out of my comfort zone and yet I love it. I don’t know why, I just do.

Some people are drawn to the sea, some are drawn to other people. I am drawn to the mountain. I have always been.

Nothing makes me happier than walking underneath a canopy of trees, smelling the sweet smell of earth and feeling the gentle breeze brushing my arms. I get giddy with happiness when I see lush green forests. I can’t stop grinning like an idiot at the prospect of seeing one. And when I get to the summit, I just sit there and contentedly look at the world around me, silently (or not) hiding my amazement and staring at everything as far as my eyes can see.

Reaching the summit always gives me a mixture of pride and contentment. Despite my proclivity to outdoor activities, I am not the healthiest person in the world. Ascents are a challenge for me and there are moments when I want to give up and go home. Sometimes, my legs are moving out of sheer force of will and my whole body felt mechanical. The trail is not always easy, the pack is heavy and all my muscles are screaming yet I continue walking because oddly enough, despite all that, I feel happy.

When I reach the summit, when I reach the goal, I forget everything. All I can think of is how great it feels to be up there and looking at the world below me. All I can think of is how beautiful the world is and how happy I am to be there.

Hiking taught me a lot of things. I never learned to truly trust the people around me until I started hiking with my friends. I learned to be resourceful. I learned to appreciate the world around me. I learned not to give up when things go wrong and life seemed so difficult. Most of all, I learned to believe in myself. Truly believe in myself and what I can achieve if I put my heart and mind into it.

Hiking may not be the most comfortable thing to do in the world but it is something that I love.

You know how people say, “I love you, because…” Well, this love story doesn’t have a “because”. It has no rhyme or reason. It is a love pure and untainted. It doesn’t have any ulterior motives, no hidden agenda, no expectations. It is a love affair that makes me a stronger and better person. It has its hardships but it is a love affair I cannot live without.

Admit it, my love affair with the mountain is a better love story than what most people have.

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Some kind of a hate letter

At some point, we all have to take a stand for what we believe in. At some point we all have to stand up and defend the things that we love. At some point, we all have to do something to protect our happiness.

Perhaps I do not have the right to lecture anyone. Who am I anyway? I’m just this socially-awkward, hopelessly introverted girl who would rather spend time alone in a tent pitched in the middle of nowhere than sit in a crowded bar and sip drinks that costs an arm and a leg. I am not an expert nor a veteran in this matter. I am not even experienced. I am just a nobody who hates everyone who ruins my happiness.

Yes, I am looking at you! You people who goes to the mountain, pitch your tent and destroy everyone else’s peace of mind with your loud, boisterous partying. You who leaves your filthy trash the same way you leave your dignity when you get drunk. You who doesn’t respect the world around you. You who doesn’t seem to understand that some of us are out there because we want to get away from your kind. I hate the whole lot of you.

Why do you have to go up there if you only want to party? Why don’t you go back to your bars and crowded discos and stay there?

Yes, I am judging you. You are selfish people who only think of yourselves. You are self-entitled spoiled brats who never truly understands what freedom means. You are ignorant people who keep using the line, “it’s a democratic country!” Democracy doesn’t give you the right to destroy the world.

You party all night with your loud, tasteless music and in the morning, you leave your trash like the whole place is a dumpsite. You should be buried where you partied.

If we want your noise and your trash, we will stay in the city. We took the time to hike out there to breathe fresh air, to see the stars and relax.

Nobody owns the mountain but everyone who goes there must learn to protect it and respect it. If you can’t do something so simple, then you do not belong there.

Here, let me give you a few tips on what to do to truly enjoy nature.

1. Clean As You Go. The world is not your trash bin. Don’t leave your trash anywhere. Put it in your pocket or in your bag. Bring it back with you and dispose it properly. Do this wherever you go.

2. Stop screaming at each other especially if you are only a few feet apart. I assume you are civilized individuals, so act like one.

3. Respect other hikers|mountaineers|campers. Again, some people climb mountains not only to challenge themselves but to relax and enjoy some peace of mind. Try not to get in anyone’s way. If you want music, there is such a thing as earphones.

4. Avoid liquors. Thing is, it is not safe. No matter what your guidebooks might say, the mountain is not without risk. Do not underestimate the mountain, it will not bow down to you. It is best to keep a clear head when you are outdoors. Even if you are hiking on a clear day, remain sober. Remember that trails can change and what appears to be a simple trail can easily turn deadly even when you’re not drunk.

5. Sit down, shut up, look at the world around you. Take it all in. Appreciate what you see then perhaps you will understand why it is important for us to preserve what little bit of nature we have left.

You see, we only have one planet and your kind keeps ruining it. Isn’t it enough that we havr already destroyed the lowlands with our pollution and now you have to go up there and destroy the mountains too?

We all have that one place that makes us happy. We all have places that we are most comfortable at. We all have that one place we would choose over the others if we are given the choice. For some of us, the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, the view of the stars and the fresh mountain air are what makes us happy.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*

A Girl Can Dream

I don’t dream of crowns or jewels. I don’t dream of sparkling tiaras, beatiful gowns or a sexy little black dress. When I dream, I dream of rooms filled with books of all sizes, shelves upon shelves of stories from distant lands. I dream of a little house in the mountain with a beautiful view of the sea where I can spend my day reading, hiking, and enjoying a life far from the hustles of the city.


I dream of waking up in a house by the beach, with the cool morning breeze in my face and the sound of the gentle waves to greet me in the morning. I want to look at the sky as it slowly changes color and greet the rising sun with a smile and cup of hot chocolate in hand.

I want to spend my day climbing mountains and exploring caves. I dream of reaching the summit of the highest mountain in the planet and just sit there and look at the world around me.


Well… a girl can dream. Probably someday…