Why do you travel?

Do you know why, despite visiting so many places in the country, I keep going back to my first solo trip to Baguio? Because that was the only time I ever got to experience the place. I was all alone so I was free to roam around and walk to my heart’s content. I saw the tourist spots, had some awkward photos, did the required photo op with the St. Bernard and did the usual touristy things. I did all that and I also did so much more. I experienced Baguio and fell in love with the place.


I have so many reasons why I travel. Most people think it’s only to see places and take pictures. I love taking photos and sharing them to everyone who cares (and doesn’t) but it is more than that.

I don’t travel just so I can post photos in instagram. I travel to learn.

The Philippines is an ideal place to travel mainly because of how diverse the experience is. You can go to so many places that speaks the same languages and yet the experience is different. We are a nation of so many cultures, languages, traditions, and beliefs. There is so much to learn.


For me, the best travels are those where I learned the most. I fell in love with Sagada not only because, for an outdoor enthusiast, it is a haven for me but mainly because of so many things I learned. Their stories, traditions, beliefs are so different from ours and it fascinated me so much I would like to go back and stay longer.

I don’t travel so I can tell people I’ve been there. I travel because traveling opens my eyes to a world different and yet familiar to me. I travel because it broadens my perspective and gives me a deeper understanding of people and a respect for everyone’s differences.


I travel because it gives me a lot of reason to love life. Everyone I meet in my travels taught me fascinating stories ( some, too personal I don’t understand why they’re telling me about it) and life lessons I will never forget.

The world is my classroom and everyone I meet is my teacher.

This is why I travel. What about you? Why do you travel?

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


One thought on “Why do you travel?

  1. Love this ga! Tells everything I wanted to explain why I want to travel (and why I love to travel) but couldn’t really put things into words. 🙂 *clap clap clap*


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