Life’s Mysteries: Intuition

Gut-feeling. Intuition. Sixth sense. Extra-sensory perception.

You can call it whatever you want, I just want an explanation. It’s this feeling of foreboding. This unexplained chill, this tiny voice telling you that something is about to happen. What is the scientific explanation for that?

Then there’s that uncanny, almost mystical, feeling you have when something happens to someone close to you. Have you ever had that experience where you dreamed something bad happened to a friend or family member and it turns out that something bad did happen to them? It leaves you with goose bumps all over.

But why do these things happen? How do you explain the fact that you’re miles away from a relative or a friend and all of a sudden you get this nagging feeling that something happened to them even before anyone else informs you?

Is there any scientific explanation that can shed light to this? Or is this one of those things that’s just too weird even for science to explain?