It’s the season to be jolly!


Bring out the Christmas trees, the plastic mistletoes, the beautiful blinking lights and sing the Christmas carols! The “ber” months has officially started and you know what that means? It’s Christmas in the Philippines!

I know the official season doesn’t start until 3months from now but in the Philippines, Christmas unofficially starts on the first day of September and ends in January. Isn’t that lovely?

Christmas is my favorite season. Apart from the bonus and holiday pays, I just love looking at those pretty little Christmas decorations. Everywhere you look, everything and everyone are just so happy. The lights, blinking in different colors like little stars from heaven; Christmas trees in different sizes with so many pretty little things hanging on its boughs.

I love how people are so nice to each other on Christmas. I love how we are so careful not to hurt anyone because it is Christmas. I love how we diligently go to church because it is Christmas. I love how it’s not considered weird to smile at a stranger because it is Christmas. The world is a nicer place when it’s Christmas.

So get those boxes out and start decorating. Sing your Christmas carols at the top of your lungs! The season of love and happiness is here! Merry Christmas everyone!