“in the shadow of death…”

One death is one too many and the grim reaper has been busy. So many loved ones departed this year and the finality of their deaths is yet to sink in.

It is heartbreaking to lose people you love. It is beyond pain to realize that you will never see them again in this lifetime. There are moments, even years after they’re gone, that you find yourself thinking of them in the present tense and then your heart breaks again when you realize your mistake. I guess nobody really gets to move on. The pain and longing just becomes tolerable but the space these people left behind remains.

Death is the final chapter; the last great adventure. I’d like to think that my loved ones were the lucky ones who were hand selected for this adventure. Sometimes I like to see life as an online game with so many levels and worlds. You need to fight monsters and learn tricks to level up and get past every obstacle. And when you’re done with this world, you go to the next world where only higher level characters can go to. Death is a portal that transports us from this world to the next.

It is easier to think of it this way. It is easier to accept their passing. Someday we will all pass and when we do, I’d like to think we will not be alone. We already have a guild waiting for us. All we have to do is face our battles here, complete our quests and become as strong as possible so when we reach the portal we will be ready for the next adventure we will be facing.

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