Monday Madness

Unlike most people, my work week doesn’t start on a Monday. So, I don’t really have any reasons to complain about how stressful Monday is unless I decide to do something that requires me to get out of bed and deal with the rest of humanity. Only then do I find myself wanting to erase Monday for the benefit of the world.

Then of course I would instantly remember that if I erase monday the next day will just take its place and life will still go on. It’s not really Monday’s fault, come to think of it. I can’t just blame it for things that are beyond its control. So from the bottom of my heart I would like to sincerely apologize to you, Monday, for blaming you on all this.

To be honest, the blame lies on me and me alone. I should have just stayed in bed and finished my Elementary TV series marathon with my popcorn. I should have just stayed away from the madness of the rest of the world. But no, I just had to convince myself that I have to go out and even though my gut tells me it would be a bad idea, I still went out.

How did I know things won’t go the way I want to today? In retrospect, I should have suspected it already when I woke up this morning and my downloads were all complete when it wad supposed to take longer than 10hrs to complete everything. I should have heard the universe telling me that I should stay home when I turned on my pocket wifi and it worked with a speed that nearly made me fall from my bed. I should have seen the signs. Everything was telling me to stay home and yet, against my better judgement, I went out.

Should I have retreated when I saw the cars bumper to bumper when I went out of the house? Should I have ran back home when I couldn’t get a taxi and had to walk for a few minutes before getting one? Probably. But I was a girl on a mission and nothing can stop me from mingling with humanity.

So there I was, soaking with sweat and riding a taxi cab that smells like feet. I was stuck in traffic and all I could think of is to abort the mission and go back to my room. I could have finished one episode as I sat there with nothing to do. Thinking about it, I guess I spent an equal of three Elementary episodes in three different taxis today. Three fruitless hours just sitting there and doing my best not to run out of the cab and sprint home. Again, I was on a mission.

Did I succeed? No. I spent so much time stuck in traffic and feeling like a chicken in an oven that by the time I got to my destination, I completely forgot what I was there for. So I just looked around hopin that I would remember what I was supposed to do and failing that, I bought the largest box of fries I could and went home.

Here I am now, detailing to the rest of the world how foolish I am. Don’t worry Monday, I don’t blame you anymore. I’ll just sit here and drown myself in fries and popcorn. Perhaps this will help me remember why I even decided to go out in the first place.