Foodpanda, my tummy would like to thank you!

I dread Sundays. Sundays feels like Mondays except that I don’t have to go to work and will starve to death if I don’t force myself to get out of bed and look for food.

I am renting a room and I don’t have a kitchen so cooking is not an option. We have a canteen but it is closed on Sundays, hence, the dread I feel. It has become a habit for me to order food online every Sunday because going out requires too much effort.

I usually order from fastfoods but today, I decided to try something new. I’ve seen ads for Foodpanda for over a year now whenever I search for available online deliveries within Cebu but never tempted to download the app. Until today. Boy, I am so happy I did.


Here’s why:

1. OPTIONS. So many options. They provide a list not only of the big fastfood chains but actual restaurants that delivers food. Now I don’t have to choose between KFC and Mcdo. I now have a full list of places I can order from. They even include my favorite restaurants in Cebu city.

2. Easy Access. Tap, tap, tap. Choose the restaurant, check the menu, tap what you want, add to cart, pay and viola! You’re done!

It is not perfect and there are parts of the app that can be improved but I’m sure they’ll get to it.

3. PAYMENT OPTIONS. My usual problem when dealing with online orders is that, I do not have a credit card and my debit card cannot be used online. I downloaded the app simply to check what it offers and was suprised to see C.O.D as payment option. So yeah, you can definitely use it even  without your own credit card.

4. Fast and Efficient. You get an acknowledgment that order is confirmed and process plus the estimated time. Same with others. Only this one lets you track your order. Also, they delievered without delay which sadly is not a common experience for most of my online orders.

And I love the fact that they have vouchers. I got 50% off from my order and boy, what a big thing 50% is.  So I got to eat my favorite food at a discounted price. Awesome!


At last, my sundays will no longer be filled with different variations of “do I really have to eat?”.

I love it. I really do.

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Must Try: Quaker Oats Cookies!

(This is not a paid post. This is an honest to goodness opinion.)

I never thought that a random item I absentmindedly grabbed from a convenience store shelf will change the way I live. Well, this was before I came across these Quaker Oats cookies.

I was at a convenience store a few nights ago and couldn’t decide what to get. I randomly grabbed some chips and snacks and went home. When I got home, I realized that I bought these quaker oats cookies by mistake and although feeling stupid at that time, I decided to keep it.

Fastforward to a few mornings ago. I decided to get to work earlier than usual and was quite hungry. I saw the cookies and decided to bring one with me so I can munch on it at the office breakroom. Well, little did I know that this is going to be a start of a love affair.

It tasted funny at first, it wasn’t too sweet nor was it bland. The texture was okay, I guess. It wasn’t an instant connection but I realized that this may now become a part of my morning ritual hours after I ate my first oatmeal cookie.

Usually, I am cranky and hungry on the first two hours of shift. I eat bread before work but it can’t really sustain me for long. Two hours after I ate the oatmeal cookie and I still feel like a normal person. I wasn’t hungry nor cranky and I am able to concentrate on my work without my hunger pangs bothering me.

I also realized that this is a good trail food. It is convenient, affordable and healthy. It will not wholly replace rice but it is good enough to sustain you until you can get proper food.

Why didn’t I know about this? I could have saved myself from hyperacidity. I could have brought it with me during treks and don’t have to worry about getting hungry.

Well, I’m so glad I found it.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*