Dear Self: #4

You were not born in this world just to work and worry. When life starts to become toxic, go out and have some fun. Do what makes you happy. Live life in a way that when Death comes knocking at your doorstep, you welcome him with open arms and having lived to the fullest, you are now ready to embark with Death on a new adventure. 

Take a risk. Go on an adventure. You were born to see the beauty of this world.


Dear Self: #3

There is good in this world. Believe in that. Trust in that. But don’t forget that there is also evil. Keep your guard up.

Dear Self: #2

When you are given the choice to choose between someone who is tactless and someone who is nice and sweet, choose the tactless for a friend. Tactless people tell you things upfront, you always know how they feel. Nice and sweet people will trick you into putting your guard down and stab you in secret. And you already know who they are.