So, what is love? 💘

​I would never claim to be an expert on matters of emotions. Hell, a lot of people think I lack one. Some even thinks I simply lack the capability to fall in love. Of course it’s not true but people will believe what they want to believe. So, I just let them. Matters of the heart are something that I am not really interested to dwell on but since it is Valentine’s Day, I’d give it a shot.😎

You’re probably not interested but let me tell you what I think about love.

Love is a gift. It is something that is freely given and cannot be forced. Like gifts, the best ones are those that are given out of freewill with no expectations of receiving anything back. You give it to someone because you believe they deserve it and not because you are expecting something in return. When you give something with the expectation that the person will give something back, the gift loses its meaning. It is the receiver’s choice if they want to return the favor. To put it bluntly, you don’t just show affection so you can get laid in return. That’s just evil 😈.

Love is being willing to give someone their freedom. It is allowing the person to spread their wings and reach their potentials. It’s a parent’s willingness to let their child leave the house, see the world and experience life in their own way and their own terms. It’s about letting go and trusting the person to know what’s best and do what’s right. It’s about not enforcing your own view of the world but listening to them and trying to see the world in each other’s perspective. 

Love is about trust and integrity. It is about doing what is right even when nobody is watching or even when the people you love are not there to see what you are doing. 

Love is unconditional. It is about seeing the good in the other person without being blind to the less admirable parts of their being. It is about seeing the flaws and accepting it as part of them. It is not about being blind to what is wrong but being able to accept that the person is not perfect but whatever is wrong with them does not define who they are. It is being able to accept someone without reservations. I, for one, cannot, in good conscience claim to be in love with someone unless I am 100% sure I can accept them without buts and ifs. That is why I never claim to be in love with anyone. 

Love is about respect. I can respect a person I don’t love but I cannot love a person I do not respect. It’s about giving the other person their time and their space. It’s about letting them make their own choices. It’s about letting them say their piece when they need to. It’s about realizing that you don’t have to always like what each one is doing but you don’t have to take it against each other. It’s realizing that you see the world differently from each other but that doesn’t mean that it has to be problem. The beauty of having more than one perspective is that, you can learn to appreciate the world in a different angle. You don’t always have to see it from the right or the left. You can learn to see it from both sides and see a better picture.

Love is not lust. Lust is a manifestation of a biological need, a primal instinct to procreate. Love is beyond physical need.  

Love is a force that cannot be measured or quantified. It is an unknown variable. It is one of the greatest mysteries of the world. It is a good friend and a treacherous enemy. Much like life, you can not win against love. You can try and fight but it has a way of sneaking and ambush you when you least expect it. Love is insanity, a necessary kind of insanity that makes life worth living.

💌 P.S. No, no one inspires me at the moment. No, I am not in love with anyone at the moment. I just write. ☠

💝 P.P.S I want to add a photo but I keep getting an error.


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