​When I Die 😍😙

Some people think it is bad to talk about your death. Some think it’s weird and morbid. I think it’s necessary (and fun). I guess I owe everyone an explanation on this. You have to understand how I see death to really get where I am coming from.

I have no qualms talking about my eventual demise. I will die. Everyone does in the end. Nobody lives forever. As morbid as it may sound, I have long planned what I want to happen when I die. Some girls spend their time thinking about their dream weddings. I spend a lot of my days thinking about my dream funeral. Let’s face it. Everyone dies but not everyone gets married.

First of all, I don’t want people to call it a funeral. It’s a send-off party. I’m off to a new adventure, one that’s to die for.

Death for me is the ultimate adventure. It is that one place few people alive has been to. Nobody really knows what’s there. It’s the greatest mystery and boy, I love mysteries.

I like going to less known places. I love going to places that challenges my resolve and brings me out of my comfort zone. I love places that most people would choose not to go to. I love proving people wrong. And Death fits this description.

For as long as I can remember I have always been curious about things. I always have a lot of questions. I want to understand the world and everything in it. When I look at a map, I always find myself wondering, “What’s in there?” And I see Death that way — the ultimate destination. I want to know what really happens after people die. Will I remember anything? Will I become a ghost? (I want to be a ghost and play pranks on people.👻) Which religion is right? I have a lot of questions and the only way to get the answer is to die. Plain and simple. 

But no, I am not suicidal. I have no plans of killing myself just yet. I still have places to go and things to discover. Someday I will die and in the meantime, I will enjoy my life.

I want a happy send-off party. I’m pretty sure you’ve been to at least one funeral and have you noticed how boring the music is? I want Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Air Supply, Cold Play and Foo Fighters blasting through the speakers. I want people to celebrate. I want fireworks and cheers. A funeral is a celebration of life. 

When I die, don’t mourn for me. Learn from my mistakes. Laugh at my epic fails. Celebrate. Laugh and tell jokes. Sing your heart out. Dance if you want. I’d rather have people dancing and singing on my grave. I have never been comfortable with tears.🎉😆


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