The Birthday Chronicles: Day 2 (Walkathon with Google Maps)

I can’t count the number of times Google Maps got me lost and I almost always enjoy it. Getting lost in a place has become part of my itinerary and I think it gives me a better picture of the place I am visiting.

Today is no exception. 

I hardly got any sleep last night because I made a mistake of getting a room right in between two cottages with unlimited videoke and very confident singers. I tried to stay awake to test the long exposure shot of my camera but I couldn’t wait for the stars. I was dead tired. I fell into a fitful sleep. I seemed to keep waking up every hour because of the noise. Still, all that were forgotten when morning came.

You have no idea how far I walked (not that far) and what I went through just to get that shot. You know, the one above. It’s unfiltered and uploaded straight from my camera. I used the PowerShot D30’s Super Vivid scene with flash and that’s the result.

Anyway, I decided to go back to Tuguegarao before lunch. After checking in at Hotel Joselina, I went out and looked for food.

The Urban Kitchen is located around the corner from the hotel. I was so hungry so I decided to grab a bite. Their food is good and the waiter who assisted me was so nice. 

While waiting for my food, I decided to search Trip Advisor for places I can visit while in the city. I came across St. Peter’s Cathedral and Ermita de Jacinto.

Finding the cathedral was an easy task. It was only a block away from Urban Kitchen. I decided to go there first. Finding Ermita de Jacinto is another matter. 
I followed the map’s instructions and found myself in a rather unpromising street. I realized that the map lead me to a street that doesn’t seem to be frequented by pedestrians. I was so creeped out I decided to hail a motorcycle and go back to the hotel but when I turned around and saw straight ahead, about three blocks away, the Ermita de Jacinto.

It’s a small church that has a unique shape to it. I wanted to take a picture but there’s an ongoing mass and didn’t want to disrespect it. So I stared at the church for a moment (it’s so cute) and walked back to the hotel.

As I was walking back, I thought of the many times I got lost because of Google Maps and how it led me to places I wouldn’t otherwise see. Sure it annoys me to no end but I also enjoy it (doesn’t that sound perverse?). I feel like a local walking around and looking like I know where I am going. I get to see the real city, not just the one they show in the brochures. I get to see a glimpse of how people truly live in this place. I like it. I want to see more but sadly, I’m so tired I feel like my legs are about to fall off.

Can’t wait for tomorrow!


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