The Birthday Day Chronicles: Day 1 (Rollercoaster)

0500AM Philippine Time- Mactan International Airport-Cebu.

Whatever it i that I may be feeling the last few days or months, I feel that at least today things are going well. When my flight was moved to an earlier schedule, I felt good. That would give me enought gap before my next flight. When I got to the airport and boarding started 25mins before the actual boarding time, I was elated. This means I’d definitely be arriving on time. 

06:15AM PHT Manila International Airport Terminal 3.

I thought everything was going rather awesome until we landed and I was waiting for my bag to show up. I felt that all too familiar and unwelcome tug in my pelvic area. That stinging, burning, uncomfortably painful feeling I can only associate with the onset of dysmenorrhea. 

Yep. Months of planning and rollercoaster emotions and my ovaries just decided to steal the show. 

In a span of an hour or two, the stinging has revolved into a full blown pain. I wanted to lie on the floor at the airport but the cold floor is just making it worst. It feels like someone is squeezing my ovaries really hard. The few minutes that we had to walk and queue from the gate to the aircraft feels like an hour. Every step is a punishment to my whole pelvic region. My legs are so weak and one half of my body feels like it prefers to be left behind. My legs are moving out of sheer force of will.

10:05AM PHT Aboard the aircraft bound for Tuguegarao.

I am confused whether to proceed to Sta Ana, Cagayan from the Airport or stay in Tuguegarao for the night. It will be another 3-4hrs ride from Tuguegarao to Sta Ana and I dont think my back can survive. 

Then again, I thought of that one time we hiked for over six hours. We were on our hands and knees and walked and walked. I had dysmenorrhea then too and I was able to force myself to complete the hike. I told myself, if I was able to hike a rather difficult trail (difficult for me), I’m sure I will survive a three hour van/bus ride. At least I will not be walking while carrying a 7 kilo backpack.

—will see when I get there—


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