The Birthday Chronicles: Day 1.2 A Little Misadventure

And there I was inside a cramped van, sitting between a child with a tantrum and a woman who doesn’t seem to realize that she’s hitting my side everytime she wiggles. My kidneys are about to burst and I all I could do is desperately pray that I don’t sneeze.

How did I get there?

Well, the Mt. Dew I bought onboard seemed to have done its magic. I was painfree by the time I left the Airport. After asking the Tourism Officer about Nangaramoan and how to get there, I hopped on a motorcycle and asked to be dropped at the van terminal bound for Sta Ana. When I got there, the van was about to leave so I didn’t have a choice but to hop in. 

More than an hour after, I found myself in that situation. I really had to pee but doesn’t want to cause problems for the other passengers. We were quite comfortable when we left the terminal but were so cramped halfway through because of passengers flagging us along the way. 

Fastforward to 3Pm and everything I went through were forgotten. 

I have finally arrived at Nangaramoan. It is a sight to behold. Though there are cottages in the area, the beach still has this raw and natural feel to it. I was planning to swim but it’s low tide so I just took photos instead. I wanted to take a stroll but I’ve been awake since 7AM of January 5, over 24hrs, and I can feel my body begging for sleep. 

Instead of strolling around, I decided to hangout in the terrace and take some photos from there. Will stroll in the morning instead. If I manage to wake up. 😜😂

Will be creating a separate post for my review of this place. I will be as honest as I can and hopefully can provide you with useful information.

For now, I’ll sit back and wait for the stars to comeout.  They are almost here. I am pretty sure of it. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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