Too Excited or Just Plain Crazy?

My phone alarm rang. I jumped from the bed, dazed and confused. I saw my backpack, I grabbed it and grabbed my shoes. I was in a state of panic. All the while I was thinking that I overslept and running late for my flight. Then my toe hit the bed and I realized, in between swearing amd crying, that I don’t have a flight to catch. Or at least, not today.

It’s Monday, December 26. I don’t even have work today and I stressed myself for no reason.

I think I may have lost my mind for a moment there. I remembered planning to start preparing the things I’ll be bringing for my upcoming trip last night and my overworked brain started thinking, today is the day.

I find it funny that I didn’t even consider showering first or changing my clothes or even just combing my hair. My brain is all like, “grab that bag, grab that shoes and let’s go!” 🚀

Well, on the brighter side, at least I didn’t make it out of the house. That would have been beyond embarrassing. 🙈 Nope. Not today, brain. Not today.


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