What Christmas traditions do I miss the most?

It’s funny in a sad kind of way. I am not even an OFW who had to endure Christmas away from home. I am in the Philippines, albeit in a different island and hours away from my family. It is much easier for me to spend the holidays with my family than the thousands of overseas workers who work so hard to give their families a better future. Yet, this is the 7th year that I will not be celebrating Christmas or New Year with my family. 

Filipinos are big on traditions. Family ties is very important and for me, it is greatly reinforced during celebrations like Christmas and New Year. 

In the Philippines, more than anything else, Christmas is a time for family. It is every Filipino family’s tradition to share Christmas eve and New Year’s eve with the people closest and dearest to your heart (even if they drive you crazy 363 out of 365 days). 

I remembered spending Christmas eve with my cousins. Christmas eve is probably the only time of the year when we can spend time together. Though in those days, I didn’t really appreciate their presence that much. My tita has a lot of books and when I am there, I would grab one and sit in a corner. I would always get scolded and told to spend time with my cousins. Now, I wish I can spend Christmas eve with them again.

I miss spending time with my family, to be honest. I used to hate it a lot but I now miss preparing the food with them. Or at least being told to run errands for them while they prepare the food.

I miss eating with them. I miss laughing with them. I miss them. I hope they’re having an amazing Christmas eve dinner. :|💕


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