😪 Sleep is for the weak!

Ever had those nights where you’re not sure if you actually slept or just imagined the whole thing? I’ve been having those the last few nights and it is exhausting.

I have a routine before bedtime. Bath, one glass of water, lights off by 10PM, then off to snooze party. Not happening the last few nights. Weeks actually if I would be so honest with myself. I guess I am more stressed than I thought. I always dread the mornings and going to the office. There’s nothing there but bad news lately. I’m always second guessing everything I’m doing because for some reasons everything we’re doing seemed to be wrong.

I’ve been having recurring dreams too. Lucid dreams at that and these dreams always leave me exhausted. It’s always the same plot just a different location. I’m lost somewhere and I am going around in circles. During the day, I feel just as lost. Sometimes I get so confused that I don’t remember how to do things I do every single day (i.e how to lock my PC).

Last night is the worst. I was having a hard time sleeping and when I did, I was dreaming of fires and treachery. I woke up disoriented and scared so I turned on the lights in the bathroom which of course doesn’t contribute well to my sleeping issues.

Now here I am, really tired and about to start the day. I wonder how long this has to keep going. I badly need that vacation.

Apologies for this post. Here’s a random photo. 😉

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