What’s in my travel kit?

If I tell you that I have band aids of different shapes and sizes, you would probably think I’m joking. And if I tell you that it’s the truth and nothing but the truth, your next question would be, what in god’s name are you planning to do with those band aids? Well, better ready than sorry. 😂

☝Aside from band aids, I also have 3 elastic bandages (two of which are self-adhesive), gauze pads, bandage, hypo-allergenic plaster, salonpas, wet wipes, and surgical mask (not in the photo). 

Do I expect to be injured? With my clumsiness, yes. I have to anticipate an injury and I have to be ready for it. The elastic bandage for example is a necessity for me. I am prone to sprains and I have to make sure I always have one on hand.

I also bought a lot of medications for common ailments.👇

Do I expect to get sick? No. Or at least I pray I won’t have to use any of these. I still lack a lot of medicines though. I would need medications for allergy and stomach pains (I’m prone to these when I am traveling). I would also need a thermometer (coz I just want to have one 😂) and some advil coz you’ll never know when you need one. 

I found a travel kit in Save More and everything fits in.  

My kit cannot be considered standard in anyway. I basically just gathered things I believe would be useful to me based on what I know about myself. For example, I can’t count the number of times I have sprained my ankle so an elastic bandage is necessary for me. I am also prone to cuts and scratches because I am so clumsy. I am also prone to body pains, hence, the salonpas. For medicines, I’m sure you noticed that I have a lot of kremil-s. I always get hyperacidity especially when I don’t get enough sleep and I don’t want that to get in the way of my vacation. Stomach pains and diarrhea are also common when traveling so I want to make sure I have loperamide with me all the time. I guess I would need hydrite as well, just to be sure.

I’m sure there are a hundred other things I should have in my kit. I either just can’t remember what those are right now or, if I do, I probably can’t afford it yet. 😄 

What do you usually put in your travel kit?


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