What do you want for Christmas?

Aside from World Peace, love and harmony, what would you want to receive this Christmas?

I have a long list of things I want to give myself. Some of these have been on that list for years now but since they are not a priority, I always put them aside in favor of more important things. 

Number one on my list is The Head Wrap scarf. I saw it at the mall last time and it’s still expensive for someone like me so it will probably take another year before I can buy one. 

#1 in “Things I want for Christmas but Can’t Afford to Buy”

Second is a cap I can use outdoors. I saw a cheaper one at the mall so hopefully I can buy one this year. 🙏

Not necessarily this color.

I also want those shoes you can use for river hikes. I forgot the name but they’re like aqua shoes or something. 👟

Have you heard Anne Rice recently released a new Prince Lestat book? Too expensive for me so I’ll wait until I can find a secondhand copy. 

A dry bag would be super useful too. (Photo from Lazada)

I’ve always wanted to own a onesie. They’re the cutest! I can’t decide if I want batman or superman or a pokemon onesie. But obviously, it’s not something I need. It’s only something I want.

Photo from Lazada.

And who would say no to a brand new (or even secondhand-slightly used) external hard drive? (1 tera?) not me. That’s a yes all the way plus kisses for gratitude. 😘👄

This kiss. 😂

Or, you know what they say about teaching a man how to fish? Can someone just give me an online job? 😂 I’m pretty sure no one’s going to give me any of these anyway so I’ll just work my ass off and buy them when I can already afford them. 💪💪
What about you? What do wish you can buy this Christmas?🎅😇


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