Yes, I know it’s Christmas. No, I’m not giving you anything.

I am a type of person who, if you ask for a gift, I will not give you any even if I was already planning to give you one or even when I was already prepared to give you one. I am not sure if it is because I hate being told what to do or because I hate people who thinks the world owes them something. Probably both.

Here’s what I believe in: a gift is something that is freely given. It is something that came from the heart. When you force someone to give you something, it’s no longer a gift. I’m still not sure if you can consider it extortion or possibly bribery (a gift in exchange of the person’s peace of mind). 

Don’t you just hate it when someone tells you, “you should give me a gift.” How about NO? I mean, why should I? 

I actualy like giving gifts. I like it when I give something to someone and their face would lit up and you can see that they genuinely appreciate what you gave. I like making people happy even though I don’t like people (in general) that much. I just hate it when someone demands from me something that I don’t have an obligation to give to them. 

Patience is a virtue. Things those who wait. So, wait. Don’t ask me for anything. If I feel that you are special enough, I will give you something. 💢💣💢💣


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