Rainy Days and Tuesdays

I don’t usually go out on my rest days (i hate getting stuck in traffic) but I have some important things to do and I can’t leave the house because the world is weeping. So i guess I just have to spend my whole day lying in bed and reprimanding myself for not finishing everything yesterday.

Well yesterday my brain wasn’t working right. It hasn’t been since I had that stupid colds.

So, I went to SM City to check on the Nikon AW130 camera and spent almost the whole morning walking around and checking on ever possible seller. When it was clear that it’s really out of stock, I decided to go to Ayala Center instead and check the stores there. Before I went, I passed by the department store. I decided to look for a wallet/small purse because I am not sure if I have been losing my money or spending it on nonsense things. I found a nice small wallet for a very cheap price (i don’t buy expensive things) and put all my money inside. 

After passing by one last camera store and being told that it’s definitely out of stock, I rode a taxi and went to Ayala Center and promptly lost the wallet. It’s a good thing I decided not to put my IDs and ATM cards inside. It’s also a good thing I was too lazy to queue for the ATM and decided that my P400 and a few loose change is enough to get me to Ayala and back home. I don’t plan on buying anything anyway. 

I didn’t even realize the wallet was gone until I was in Daisu and wanted to buy something. I searched and searched for it inside my bag but it was really gone. After internally crying for a few minutes and chiding myself for being so careless, I decided to withdraw money, buy a new and even cheaper wallet (P80) and go home. i forgot about passing by the Nikon center in BTC. I forgot about having my ID laminated. I forgot about getting new pants and clothes for work. 

I went home. Ate. Watched Youtube Videos. Rediscovered Itazura na Kiss animé and went to sleep. And now here I am on the last day of my reat days, lying in bed, listening to the rain and wishing I did all of the things I had to do yesterday. 



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