Me 👇

Raise your hand if you can relate! (From: Travel Meme Ph)

Me: hates waking up early. Can’t function at work with less than 8hrs of sleep. 

Also me: sleeps at midnight and wakes up 3am to catch a bus to God-knows-where.

And also me: (limited vacation leave) sleep is for the weak! Gotta see the sights and go on an adventure!


I don’t consider myself a likeable person even on normal days and more so when I don’t get enough sleep. But when I am traveling, I can function with almost no sleep at all and without the help of caffeine. 😂 

There is a reason why I don’t put on make-up or spend a lot of time thinking about what to wear. Every morning, I would abuse the snooze button for as long as I can and then some. I’d quickly shower, grab whatever clothes within reach, comb my hair and leave the house— all in 30mins. Did I mention my shift starts at 10AM and I live about 15-30mins away from the office (depending on the traffic)? I sleep at a minimum of 9hrs everyday. 😂

It’s like I’m am entirely different person when I travel. For one, I talk to people like it’s the most normal thing for me to do. On normal days, I’m not really into people. 

I wish i get paid for traveling;)😂.


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