I invoke my right to freedom of expression

There was a time in our history when speaking against the government can get you killed. These days, it is not the government that’s censoring us. We censor each other. I bet this is not what our elders were thinking when they marched in EDSA in 1986.

We are living in a society where having an opinion that goes against the majority is considered retarded, stupid, and unpatriotic. And all along I thought that I am living in a democratic country where I am granted the freedom to hold and express an opinion. Last time I checked, I am still living in the Philippines, a democratic country and not in a communist dictatorship like North Korea.

I am not afraid of the government. I am more scared of the people who find it normal to harass their fellowmen who do not share the same opinion as them. If you did not vote for the current president or express an opinion that disagrees with what the president said or done, you are harassed and shamed. You are called a “yellow-tard” even though you never even liked the Liberal party. Likewise, when a pro-administration supporter expresses his/her support for the president and/or the president’s recent activities, he/she is called a “dutertard”. And some of us can only watch, shake our heads and scroll down because, honestly, they all sound like retards.

Let’s put it this way, we don’t see things the same way. We all see the world differently. It is normal to have differing opinions on matters. It is good that citizens are actively taking part in these discussions but I think it would be better if we can keep it decent. Just because someone expressed an opinion different from yours does not make them retarded.

And you know what is worst? Character assassination! You know those moments when you find someone disagreeing with you and you share their photos or profiles so everyone else can start harassing them? You call them stupid and retarded. You bully them to submission. You shame them to silence. And slowly people just either keep mum on the issues that matter or just ignore the issue altogether because they no longer want to risk.

Are you so desperate to live in a country where everyone worships the president and anyone who speaks against him is executed (in social media or in person)? I think you would fit well in North Korea.

You can’t shut people up. You can’t stop people from having an opinion and expressing themselves, the same way that those people can’t and have no right to stop you from expressing yours. You have the right to express yourself but you do not have the right to be an asshole. You do not have the right to harass people nor have the right to threaten and bully anyone who does not agree with you.

Just because you do not agree with my opinion doesn’t mean you can go ahead and call me names, insult or threaten me. If you think about it, harassing and threatening people when they have a different opinion from you sounds more retarded than simply having an opinion.




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