Flight Delays and Life Realizations

I am writing this as I sit at the almost crowded airport waiting lounge. I am waiting for a flight that should have flown almost half an hour ago and is not expected to fly until three hours from now. This is supposedly the first day of an epic adventure but its started with an epic fail.


As I sit here and look at the people around me, I can’t help but think how this is so much like life in general. No matter how much you plan and how much you prepare, there will be glitches and bumps along the way. You can sit back and accept it or you can choose to throw a tantrum and scream your heart out.

At least I got this view.

But let’s face it. You can scream all you want but if that plane is not ready to take off, what can you do? Sometimes you just have to accept that some things are really beyond your control. Sometimes you have to accept that some things are not meant to take off yet. It’s just not the right time yet.


That plane will fly when it’s ready. Just sit back and make the best out of it. Or get your money back.

Posted via Mobile.

*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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