Goodbye (Social Networks) World!

Lately, I’ve been spending more time on social networks than with things that I should be doing. I spend more time tapping on my phone and posting and sharing nonsense than looking for a part-time job that would save me from the doom that is 2016.

Lately, my newsfeed has been depressing. People are either quarreling or blind-sniping each other. Even the news is depressing.

Lately, I feel like a zombie dutifully scrolling through the newsfeed and randomly liking or sharing posts. Taking random (and not so random) photos and sharing it to the world that most likely doesn’t even care.

Lately, I felt different.

Lately, the old shadow is threatening to drown me again. I feel the emptiness, the darkness, the pain that wouldn’t go away.

LatelyI’m feeling the hold of depression, my old friend, getting stronger and stronger. I am more down than usual, more out of focus, more absentminded. The usual happy memories are slowly fading.

And so it begins. And so I must retreat and find my focus. I need a break. I need a breather. I need to get away from the negative influences that are dragging me down. I must disconnect from social networks.

I may decide to keep this blog. Then again I may not. I may decide to talk to people, or not. I may do something. I may change. Or things will just go back to normal and probably then I can open my social network accounts again.

For now I have to say goodbye. It may be temporary. It may be forever.

Posted via Mobile.

*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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