Why It’s A Bad Idea To Travel With Me

I don’t usually invite people when I travel. I am quite picky with the people I go with and I can be a nightmare to people who gets on my wrong side when I am traveling. So it surprises me when I travel with people and they decide they want to go with me the second time. Never fail to surprise me.

I am not an ideal travel buddy, in my honest opinion. I think my friends would agree I can be very stressful to be with. That aside, here are some reasons why you should think twice before traveling with me.

1. OC Planning.

I don’t normally have a plan when I go. I prefer to do whatever comes first and I don’t stick to an itinerary when I travel alone. But when I travel with someone else, I suddenly become this singleminded and rigid travel planner.

When we traveled to Sagada last January, I created more than five versions of our itinerary. I double checked all details from when everyone should file their vacation leaves up to the moment we get back to Cebu. Despite that, I still have a lot of misses but it was still fun.


Once flights are booked, I start planning. I need to have a contigency for every possible scenario I can think of. I need to know where to go and what to do when something happens. I need to make sure everything is laid out and all expectations are set. I will check and double check everything until the end.

This may not stress you out but this will…

2. Constant Updates.

I will update you almost everyday about everything that has to do with our trip even when it’s still a year away. I will bug you with the smallest details from rates to schedules and to whatever else I feel is relevant.


3. No Parties.

Well, I am not a party person so if you are expecting parties while we are traveling, forget it. Unpack your bags and cancel your tickets. Or better yet, plan your own vacation.

My principle for this is simple. I’m the one who planned for the trip and that makes me responsible for your safety. As much as possible I will make sure you are safe and I will do my best to make it as exciting as possible but partying is just beyond my limits. So many things can happen when booze is involved. I am not going to risk it.

Besides, I travel to see places and experience culture. I travel to unwind and relax. Partying does the opposite for me. If you really want to go, kindly tell you parents and friends that I am not responsible for anything that may happen to you.

4. Stick to the schedule.

I can be flexible with the whole itinerary thing but when it comes to travel schedules (i.e flight schedule and bus schedules) I am very strict. Don’t be late or do anything that can get us late and we’re cool. Be late and you will hear something.


5. Complainers are my biggest pet peeve.

Are you the type who complains aboout everything? Are you the type who needs five star accommodation wherever you go? Are you the type who can’t adapt to sudden changes or delays? Then please forget about going with me. I hate you already.

Things doesn’t always go according to plan. I can create a detailed vacation plan and still hit a snag. The key is making the best out of those snags. I don’t obsessively plan to avoid snags, I plan intensively so I can be prepared when I am faced with one. If you think a flight delay annoys you, imagine how I feel knowing that a few minutes delay can make the difference between getting to our destination or not.

I don’t stay in high-end hotels so if you are expecting five star hotels in our travel, you will be disappointed, unless if you volunteer to pay for one. I am on a budget so I can only afford to travel on a budget as well. Rest assured, you will still be staying in a clean, comfortable and safety place.


I do my best to make sure that everyone enjoys the trip. This is what mainly stresses me out. I get anxious when I am traveling with people because I want to make sure all expectations are met. You spent for it afterall, you should enjoy it. However, I will not risk anyone’s safety just so I can tell people how exciting our trip was.

So, you think you should still go with me? You might want to think again.

Photos in this post aren’t mine. Got them from Google Images.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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