Goodbye, Ashlar!


Today, I lost my baby. I only had him for 8 months and didn’t get a lot of time with him. Yet in the short time I did get to spend with him, I have loved him with all my heart.

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They teach us to care, to love, to have fun. They bring out the child in us. They bring out the parent in us.

It doesn’t matter how many times you reprimand a dog or how long you’ve been gone. They will still love you and patiently wait until you come back.

They don’t expect much and yet they give so much.

I remembered the first time I saw him. I felt so much happiness. I used to think that people who get so attached to their dogs and talks to them are quite silly. And I did all of that when I got him.

I felt so happy waking up in the morning and playing with him. I felt so happy when I see him enjoying his food or running after my dad’s chickens.

Someone once told me that you shouldn’t have a dog until you’re ready for a commitment. That dogs will bring so much love and happiness in your life and when they leave, you are left with a big empty whole in your heart.

I never thought I would feel this much pain. I felt like I lost someone so close to me. I will never see him again. He’s probably happily chasing chickens in heaven now.

Goodbye, baby Ashlar. I will never forget you. Thank you for the happiness you brought me. You have been a wonderful part of my life.

Posted via Mobile.

*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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