I am feeling listless. The kind you feel when you don’t know what to do with your life and everything becomes a monotony. It is a feeling that you describe as boredom only because you don’t know how else to call it. But it is more than that.

This is beyond regular boredom. This is more of an intellectual drought. This is the kind that cannot be cured by any form of physical activity. This is something that adrenaline can’t fix.

I need a mental stimulus. I need a spark. I need something that can jumpstart my brain and get it working again. I need something that can help me think about whatever it is I should be thinking. I need something that can make me question everything I have known. I need a mental challenge, a philosophical one perhaps. I don’t know. I need to think.

I need to talk to someone. I need a conversation that is more—beyond superficial. I need to talk to someone who can make me think, who can inspire me to think. You know the kind of conversation that you still think about days or weeks after. I need a convesation that has substance to it. I need a mentally stimulating conversation.

I remembered my friends in college. We talk about silly things all the time but we also talk about things on a deeper level. I never get bored with them around.  We talk about current events, philosophy, our dreams, our plans, logic, everything. We talk about anything and everything under the sun and walk away knowing more than when we started.

I want the kind of conversation that makes me see things in a different perspective. I want a conversation that challenges me to question what I know and really think about it. I want to talk to people who can help me think.

Posted via Mobile.

*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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