Let’s Talk About Dobby

Who can ever forget Dobby? He brought smiles to so many faces and his passing broke so many hearts. I don’t remember ever crying for a character before but I did with Dobby. No matter how many times I read the book or watch the movie, Dobby’s death never fails to make me cry.

Since the first time he appeared in Harry’s bedroom in No. 4, Privet Drive, Dobby has captured my heart. He was determined in his quest to “protect” Harry that he almost killed Harry so many times. He was adorable and funny. He was the ultimate underdog.

Losing Dobby was like losing something so precious. His death was a testament to how vile and vicious Voldemort and his cronies were. He was the innocent victim caught in the crossfires. He was the friend who only wanted to help. He was this friend who’s always happy to serve and will stop at nothing to make sure that his friends get the best even if sometimes it backfires. He was that one friend who is always with us but we never really appreciate as much until the very end.

How many times have I cried for Dobby? I’ve lost count.

The first time I read the book, I was left speechless and numb. I felt stupid just sitting in my room, an open book in my lap and tears falling. I never realized how big a part the Harry Potter series has become of my life until Dobby’s death. I thought, at that very moment, i thought I will never ever finish reading the book. I have always been a fast reader but it took me almost a year to finish the last Deathly Hallows. Dobby’s death affected me more than it should. I swear, when I read the chapter, I couldn’t stop but hate J.K Rowling.

When the movie came out, I promised myself I will not cry. I have prepared myself. I know Dobby is going to die. Yet again when it came to it, I still ended up crying. It was heartbreaking. I guess a part of me was hoping that, for once, the movie didn’t stay faithful to the book.

I guess I will never get over Dobby’s death. I’ve read the book countless times now. I’ve watched the movie many times over. Every time my heartbreaks. Dobby may be gone from the Potter universe but he surely lived in the hearts of the fans who continued to love and adore him. He made the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. He will always be loved.

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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