Summer Flu

In between sneezing heavily and uncomfortably falling asleep, I try to convince myself that I am well and fine and that all these discomforts are just my imagination.

My eyes are droopy, my head feels like someone decided to do an ice bucket challenge on me, my throat feels like I swallowed sand and the rest of my body feels like lead. Yep, it’s the flu alright.

I really hate getting hit by the flu. I hate clogged nose, sore throat and overall feeling that everything seemed to be going so so wrong. But you know what they say about things that you hate? It will find its way to you and will torture you until you are reduced to nothing. Too intense?

Truth is, when I get sick like this I find myself alternately praying to God to heal me and in the same breathe I would ask him to kill me instead. Sounds too much right? I know. I become the most pathetic version of myself when I am sick. And to think this is just a mere flu. This is why I am amazed with people who suffer long term illnesses and still manage to be upbeat about it.

Right now I am trying to divert my attention to other things. I watch videos in Youtube, browse my social media feeds, check out blogs or fall asleep while I’m doing these things. I dont want my body to remember that it is sick. Not doing so well on that part.

Well, I just have to weather this down. What’s a flu compared to what the rest of the world is suffering from? I just really I get well ASAP and by that I mean, tomorrow.


Posted via Mobile.

*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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