My barely functioning brain

If a zombie apocalypse starts and zombies act the same way they do in Plants vs Zombies, I would definitely survive. These days, I barely have enough brain cells to function day to day. I’m never one you can call a genius to begin with but social media has made it worst.

Normally, when a thought forms in my mind I can easily sustain it and discuss its minute details without any problems. I have always been able to express myself and my ideas but lately, my mind is mostly blank. I can honestly say that I do not know anything anymore. I can hardly follow current events and doesn’t seem to have any real or strong opinion on things that matter.

If you read my blog, you probably notice it. A lot of my writings are in draft status because I don’t feel confident sharing them to the world. The ones that I do share, well, let’s say that I am surprised and happy when people say they like it because truth be told, I often feel that my outputs are not at a hundred percent.

I like reading other blogs though. I usually spend my time reading through them to learn and get some inspiration. Although, as much as I love travel blogs, I usually do my best to avoid travel blogs. Especially now that I don’t have any vacation leaves left, I end up feeling envious with all those places I can only read about.

Anyway, I am thinking that the best way for me to start producing quality posts is to start reading up again and start writing again. Hence, the almost-daily posts. I really hope I don’t bore everyone to death or annoy the hell out of any reader who happens to stumble into this mess.

I blame social media for this. The more time I spend on facebook or Twitter or Instagram, the less time I use my brain. Oftentimes, I would get an idea for a topic but get sidetracked by FB or Twitter and poof! My idea is gone. I couldn’t even expound a simple thought.

So from now on, I promise to spend less time refreshing my feeds and more time feeding my brain. We don’t want the zombies to starve, do we?

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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