My Not-So-Secret Identity: Travel Planner

Let me tell you a secret. I am a happy traveler but I am also a happy planner. Even though I often tell my friends how stressful it is to plan for a group vacation, I still relish the opportunity to do it.

In truth, I am at my best when I am creating an itinerary or organizing a travel plan. I love how it feels when I see my plans slowly fall into place. I love how it evolves from a simple idea to a fullfledge event.

My almost-checklist. This is sort of a guide for me so I don't end up forgetting something important.

When I plan for my travels, I explore all possible venues and options. I create an itinerary for every possible situation. A back-up of a back-up. As much as possible I want my travels to be flexible but not too flexible that I am left wasting my time trying to decide what to do next.

I work best when I am figuring things out. I feel most comfortable when I am figuring out the best strategy to use so I can enjoy my vacation with less hassle and less expense.

When I am forced in a corner and pressured to think, I feel that, that is when I shine the most.

Sometimes I find myself thinking that I should probably just work as a travel consultant because this is where I am happiest. Sometimes I find myself thinking that if I have a lot of money, I would probably just open my own company specializing in helping people figure out their itineraries.

Mock Itinerary. Gives me an idea of what to do.
Incidentally, do you have suggestions for this trip?

I would love to help people organize their travel plans like coordinating for their transportation, accommodation and helping them get the most of their vacation. In my mind, it sounds so easy but I do know that it is quite difficult.

I can’t really verbalize this well. I’m trying to but my brain seemed to freeze everytime I try.

Anyway, here I am now planning for another trip. It won’t be until next year but I have already created a timeline and a mock itinerary. I am excited to fill it out in the coming months as we slowly finalize things. Well, I have at least 10months to plan for this. I promise this will be better planned than Sagada.


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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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