Would You Date A Friend?

Apparently, guys dread the friendzone the same way I dread attending Math classes. The friendzone is seen like a hopeless place, a graveyard of unrequited feelings and silent desires. Being placed in the friendzone is like being sent to fight a losing battle, everyone prays for your safe return but nobody expects much. Very few survive the friendzone. Or so they say.

Personally, I would prefer to date a friend than someone who’s only a knot higher than a stranger. It’s probably just me and my trust issues but I am more receptive to guys I have known for sometime than guys who are mere acquaintances.

Here’s why:

1. If a guy is your friend, and I mean real friend who’s always there for you, they have so much more to lose by going into a relationship with you and things don’t work out. When he takes the risk and takes the step, you know it’s serious.

2. There is always that possibility that a guy is only asking you out because they are only attracted to you physically. For a guy who has already seen you at your best and worst moments, you have the assurance that it’s more than that.

3. Your guy friend genuinely cares for you. They don’t need to impress you because, being friends, you already know what they are capable of. If they give you something or do something nice, it’s not because they want to get on your good side or earn points. They do it because they really want to see you happy.

4. Having been friends for sometime, it will be easier for the two of you to talk. Considering the fact that you are friends, one on one converstations won’t be a torture. You already have an idea what to talk about and what not to talk about. You know each other’s likes and dislikes and that is already a hell of a start.

5. Going into an actual relationship would of course entail a different kind of adjustment but you are still at least two steps ahead in the adjustment department.

And these are just five of the many benefits of dating a friend. There will be awkwardness but there is also trust and security. Well, there are disadvantages of course but I guess that avenue has already been thoroughly explored, so why not consider this one?

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*I apologize for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofreading via mobile is a challenge for me.*


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