A Girl Can Dream

I don’t dream of crowns or jewels. I don’t dream of sparkling tiaras, beatiful gowns or a sexy little black dress. When I dream, I dream of rooms filled with books of all sizes, shelves upon shelves of stories from distant lands. I dream of a little house in the mountain with a beautiful view of the sea where I can spend my day reading, hiking, and enjoying a life far from the hustles of the city.


I dream of waking up in a house by the beach, with the cool morning breeze in my face and the sound of the gentle waves to greet me in the morning. I want to look at the sky as it slowly changes color and greet the rising sun with a smile and cup of hot chocolate in hand.

I want to spend my day climbing mountains and exploring caves. I dream of reaching the summit of the highest mountain in the planet and just sit there and look at the world around me.


Well… a girl can dream. Probably someday…


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