Call It Love At First Sight Part 1

I came. I saw. I fell in love.

I first heard of Sagada when I was planning my 23rd birthday trip to Baguio last 2012 but going there didn’t really interest me because it was too far and all I heard of was the ‘hanging coffins’. I thought then that those are the only things you can see in that place.

Sneak Peek: A Glimpse of Sagada

Fastforward to a year and I heard of it again and although I did go back to Baguio that year, going to Sagada didn’t fit into the plans. Perhaps it was the discouraging ‘reviews’ that some of my friends gave me that got me interested. Perhaps it was the innate curiousity to really see for myself what the fuss is all about. Perhaps it was the photos of Kiltepan and its sea of clouds or the curiousity of why those coffins are hanging by that cliff instead of buried 6ft below ground.

I am not sure what got me interested. All I know is that the moment I decided I was going to see the place, I was obsessed.

It has always been my practice to research everything I can about the place before every trip. Call me obsessive-compulsive but if there are two thing solo traveling has taught me, it will be this: anticipate possible issues and always have a back-up plan. And how do you come up with a contigency plan if you don’t know anything about the place?

So, off to Googlelandia. I admit, I obsessively researched everything. I searched all possible routes to Sagada; read all blogs I can get hold of; asked bloggers and inn owners about everything; I even accessed GoogleEarth just to get an Idea what the place looks like.

My Evernote Checklist

For three months up to the day of departure I am in constant research mode. I read and reread blogs and TripAdvisor reviews and checked news sites for mention of Sagada. I was obsessed. I had to know everything and boy was it all worth it!

Sneak peek: The road to Sagada

Fastforward to January 08, of 2015. My friends and I are finally on our way. Our flight from Cebu- Manila was at 9PM but I was so excited couldn’t sleep the night before and I still had work the whole day of the 8th. I was running on adrenaline and pure anxiety.

Finally on our way...

You see, if it was just me I can easily accept disappointment if the place wasn’t worth it. But I have people with me and I didn’t want them to be disappointed. It’s a long way from Cebu to Sagada only to be disappointed. So I was anxious and stressed.

Well… Part 2 Coming Up!
Here’s a sample photo to keep you occupied.

Sagada Rice Terraces, No filters needed.

(P.S This is a very delayed post about my Sagada trip. This is the first part, I hope I can post the next part soon. I’ll do my best.)


4 thoughts on “Call It Love At First Sight Part 1

    • Hahaha, the burial caves are even more creepy. And wait till you hear the burial customs they had in those days! It gave me goosebumps!

      Thanks for dropping by!


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