are we safe online?

These days ruining someone’s life is as easy as 123. With almost everything accomplished in a few clicks, your life can turn upside down in a blink.

To people who already have sociopath tendencies, the internet offers freedom and safety. This great 21st century invention has given them the feeling of being invincible. After all, as long as they target an average internet user who does not have the capacity or the means to trace them back, they can just easily get away with so many things.

Take for example the posers and the trolls. The low-life of the internet. Personally, I believe there is a thin line that separates them. They usually start as posers and then develop as trolls. However their life cycle begins and ends, they are the same type of people. The type that has nothing better to do with their lives. I don’t like describing as such but when it comes to these two types of internet dwellers, I will say without fear of contradiction that they are a waste of space.

What is a poser and what is a troll, you might ask.

Well, a poser is someone who pretends to be someone else. A low level identity thief. A poser can be found in any social media network, uses the name of a real or imagined person and pretends to be the that person. They will befriend all the victim’s friend, post all the victim’s photos and basically assume the life of the victim like some creepy, virtual doppelganger. I do not understand the reason behind it. It could be revenge for something the victim has done to them. It could be out of jealousy, boredom, or just because they can. They annoy the hell out everyone especially their victims and I wouldn’t call them harmless. It’s basically identity theft if you ask me.

A troll is a person who also pretends to be someone. They are the next level posers and are more dangerous. They usually come out in the wake of a tragedy. They will make comments that could rile up people. They would gloat, sneer and are happiest when they get into someone’s nerves. They are desperate attention-seekers who will do anything to get an attention even if the attention is on the persona they created and not directly to them. The worst thing is when they’re using someone’s identity, it is the other person whose life gets ruined in the process. You don’t need a deep-seated reason to be a troll. You just need to be a deprived individual who looks better in a straightjacket and you’re in.

I look at this people the same way I would look at shit in the middle of the road. They are disgusting. It is very easy to act so brave and impulsive when you are sitting behind your computer or smartphone, safe in your own home, hidden behind someone else’s name. After all, if things go bad, it is not your name that’s going to be ruined. You can just use another name and ruin another life. But what are you in real life? Again, a waste of space.

I know the best thing to do is ignore them but if you’re their victim, how could you? They have your name and your face. They can do a lot of things online and you are the one who gets blamed. Can you really just sit there and say, “nah, don’t mind them!”? Can you really sleep at night knowing that there is someone out there who’s using your name and could already be doing something with it? I know I won’t be. I’d probably do everything in my power to find out who this person is and make sure they pay for it.

But what can we really do about these people? Some countries have cyber laws but. Are those enough to protect us?

Sometimes, the internet feels like a separate world. A world where anything goes and with no clear laws to guide us, we can only rely on our own moral compass and common sense. Unfortunately, some of us have neither common sense nor moral compass. Add to this the nature of the internet and you get a world that is sometimes more scary and more frustrating than the physical world.

The cyberworld is as real as the physical world. The threats are real and so we must take it seriously. This is a world we have created. These are predators we unknowingly feed. We have to be vigilant. The danger is too real.

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