Stories from other places (as read from BBC)

I always read BBC online and sometimes, it’s the only thing that keeps me sane in an otherwise stressful and mentally challenging environment. I read news from all over the world, get touched by heart-wrenching news features, amazed by travelogues and of course keep up with this ever changing world.

The last two days however, I found my self amused by some newsbits.

There’s the “Solo Weddings” from Japan which I’m still trying to see the point of. Then I read of how Russian collection agents now take pets hostage to get payments from debtors (at least that’s how I understood it). Meanwhile in China, they are now producing fake police officers which prompts the question, what else is not counterfeit in China? Speaking of China, I read in one news article that one place in China is burning old and damaged currency instead of coal to produce electricity. Definitely intriguing.

Anyway, from China, let’s go to it’s neighbor North Korea. I never really paid much attention to the Sony hack but when I read the headline that says that NK had an internet blackout I was surprised. I am not surprised that North Korea had an internet blackout. I am more surprised that they have an internet connection. I mean, THEY HAVE AN INTERNET CONNECTION? Do North Koreans know? More importantly, has Kim Jong Un ever seen 9gag?

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